New to the world of NFTs, metaverses, cryptocurrencies and Wallets? Here are the essential basics to get started.

Without becoming a cryptocurrency investment pro, there are a few basics to know to get started.
Especially since you can't access one without having the other.

In summary

  • To create or buy NFTs, you have to go to dedicated platforms.
  • On the dedicated platform, you must connect a crypto wallet
  • The crypto wallet must:
    - be admitted by the platform
    - contain cryptocurrencies compatible with the NFTs offered on the platform

For further

Beginners who want to create or buy NFTs must go further in understanding the vocabulary and operation of this sector.

Here are the useful links to get rid of the essential bases (articles to come):

  • The crypto wallet (Wallet)
  • Cryptocurrencies for NFT
  • NFT platforms
  • Create an NFT



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